What we offer

We at June Cosmetics Solutions develop a wide range of products for various requirements. Our formulations are made with unmatched quality, accurate composition and purity. Our Consultation Services includes New formulations Development, Existing Product Modification, Pilot Batch, Scale up of Lab scale to Industrial scale, Stability studies, Quality Control, Packaging suggestions, ISO requirements, FDA requirements.

New formulations development

New Product Development (NPD) is our passion at June Cosmetics Solutions. Our team has developed numerous formulations for many customers over the years. Our expertise lies in developing low cost formulations to very high end formulations which suits all the business needs.

June Cosmetics Solutions takes pride in new formulations development consulting. As part of new formulations development, we have collaborated with best development facilities and best testing agencies in the business where all tests as per regulatory requirements can be performed with utmost precision.

Regulation and Certification


At June Cosmetics Solutions you can be sure that your product has ticked all the regulatory boxes. From FDA licensing, complete Product Information File, Claims management and Product Safety Assessments, we provide services to satisfy all the regulatory requirements in Indian and international Markets. We work with brands, stockists in various markets and regulatory bodies to make sure your products are fully compliant and market ready. We also provide support for cosmetovigilance and post market issues.


We are proud to provide expert advice and services for various accreditations such as COSMOS (By Ecocert India), Cruelty Free International (Strictest global standard in animal testing), Vegan (Vegan Society). Getting products certified by various agencies can give a real selling point to your products and add immense value to your brand in national and international markets. We understand the need to cope with the detailed auditing and documentation processes, we are here to lift that weight off your shoulders.

Existing product modification

We at June Cosmetics Solutions offer wide range of options with new raw materials, natural ingredients, preservative free systems to our clients for their existing products. This is called Existing Product Development (EPD). Customers can relaunch products with a fresh makeover. We use trendy ingredients, active, efficacy proven ingredients to give your formulations an edge in today’s competitive space. Product modification includes the improvement of formulations in terms of texture, consistency, product aesthetics with variety of emulsifiers, actives, preservatives and emollients to get outstanding results.

Stability studies

A product’s shelf life is directly related to the stability of the formulations. The final acceptance of the product depends on stability, appearance, and functionality of the packed product. We at June Cosmetics Solutions do the assessment of the formulations for its physiochemical properties, thermodynamic stability, compatibility of the formulations with the container that will be used commercially.

Formulation testing

We at June Cosmetics Solutions do the testing of all kind of cosmetic formulations as per FDA guidelines and follow the BIS testing methods including microbial testing for the Indian Markets. We also offer qualitative, quantitative, safety, microbiology testing services as required by international regulations to launch products in other countries.

Contract manufacturing

We at June Cosmetics Solutions provide contract manufacturing services. We are closely involved in scale up of pilot batch to large scale industrial batches with stability studies and testing of the product.

We offer wide range of contract manufacturing options to our client to suit their business needs. We work with multiple third party manufacturing facilities to ensure products meet high quality requirements.

The range of companies where we have a tie up are with over 30 years of experience and best in class. June Cosmetics Solutions will contact and get the products manufactured on behalf of client. The products will be delivered at your premises.

Product Licensing:
We at June Cosmetics Solutions take care of the required FDA clearances and licenses as well.